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At the last convention someone mentioned Wincest and Jensen seemed offended and Jared very seriously said that that was not funny. John were weirdly sexual. Nude pics of tea leoni. My decoder ring says that r is full of shit. But it's been nice, it's been nice because we work so hard and we get a chance to work on our stuff and so, it's nice.

The classic move for them is either Jared with his legs up around Jensen or Jensen with his hand spread out on Jared's chest. Naked jensen ackles. I wouldn't be surprised if Jensen lived with Chris Kane at some point too.

Get a life joanna, cuz i know that you are in here with these different screennames. Are we gonna kill this teddy bear?

I bet they've snuck surreptitious peeks at each other's cocks. I don't think they're together. Jensen is a nice man. Black lesbian creampie. Thus, Jared answers a question at a con, stating that he spoke to Jensen on the phone for an hour the day before; or Jensen says they text each other and suddenly it's a sign of a romantic relationship. They are like brothers. Because usually you see married couples spreading their hands possessively across each other's chests on or near their hearts and in many of those pics Jensen's doing that to Jared.

I never saw the Supernatural show but I just saw Jensen for the first time on a Dark Angel rerun and he's a lot cuter on TV than any of the pictures I've seen. So I imagine that when Jared is not in a convention, he could be seeing Jensen at home. I challenge any other show on tv to make that claim. Apparently they have both broken up with their girlfriends, R - Jared seems to have broken up with Sandy, and Jensen seems to have broken up with Daneel.

Jensen is a shy person and doesn't talk about his personal life much - that doesn't mean he is gay. It's part of the "alpha" male dominance ritual where guys try to feel superior and try to form an instant peck order.

They like to rib each other about who is lazier than whom in the morning, and it's very cute. Which photos do you mean?? Jared is cool - not interested, but cool - and in the one overt move Jensen made in effect told him that something physical was one thing but a relationship was out of the question, because Jared is straight "Not like a rule but pretty damned straight" is how he put it.

They certainly aren't afraid of showing physical affection for each other either. Learn More Got It! I think they are very aware of the wincest and other stuff written about them. The webmaster over at SandraMcCoy4Fans. August alsina nude pics. As I said last night. They're starting to look and talk alike. They had been engaged earlier in the year in Paris, according to Jared's telling at the LA con in March. Sometimes I'm embarrassed to be gay when assholes like that are on this site. I wonder if one of the fangirls will ask him about rooming with Jensen.

I knew it was a joke so I keep miming the song. R - Why would they need to save money NOW after 3 years?

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I love the way they flirt with each other for lack of a better word at the moment.

The most adorable thing is without contest the fact that Jared knows what Jensen says during his sleep. Is there more actual gossip regarding the nakeness issue? Jensen cried out and reached for his dick. Women with landing strips. Jared was in a long term relationship for a few years and he's in his twenties. Jensen supposedly went skinny-dipping one time according to another website. Split and merge into it.

I've decided for the second option because I've decided that it would be the one that makes me the happiest. Yes, I do find it funny that he was such a dickhead to me, but I'm pretty used to queens on the rag! I didn't mean it the way you obviously took it. I have a great idea: The Anna girl had beautiful red hair.

Or in their case, not really subtle at all hints. Of the two, I think Jared has the better body did you see those back muscles two weeks ago but Jensen has the superior acting chops. Or it's a bigfoot. Sign in with one of these options:. Bernadette from the big bang theory nude. Naked jensen ackles. We hardly ever argue at all. That's all it took to get me talking then too plus they really are easy to talk to.

Smallville Jason Teague television series, 22 episodes The person who posted them knew before the split was public.

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Note his laughing all the time. I hope they asked JP about those sequences. Jared is not engaged. I wouldn't ask either because these wikianswers are usually wrong when they put out celebrities numbers and e-mails and such ….

March 1, in Dallas, Texas Profession: Isn't that Jared that says all of the stuff? Choose a video to embed. On the one hand most are probably manips but, I do remember reading that Jensen was an underwear model at one point sooo, as to wether or not he would pose like that I would say yeah he would.

Just enough that I would still have to feel your fingers inside me, but it could go faster. Yes, they are secretly in love. Sugar mom nude. Just trying to clarify r's confusion re: He was with her until this past May or thereabouts, when they broke off their engagement I don't really know if it was May when they broke it off, but Jared announced it in early June at a con.

Those little buggers are delicious. The only ones crying would be teens who fantasize that somehow Jared or Jensen will find them in Bumfuck, Iowa and marry them or at least sleep with them. They don't just "get along" they are very close.

Padalecki seems like more of a diva than the other guy. Jensen and his gf, Danneel Harris have broken up some time ago. And that's why I have a major respect for Jensen. Uhm a little extra uh So I am answering the questions now with the hope that no one will make Jared have to speak about it publicly.

What I do know, is that there's been some really awkward fan encounters recently - as in girls lying their way onto set, and then being caught and being unrepentant about it.

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SEX IN SEDONA Well, I'm not a fangurl, I'm more of a fanqueer. Why would anyone believe that Padalecki is a diva? They're either making movies, attending conventions that seems to be the case in March , or visiting family.
Tampa backpage female escorts The two really do share a house Jared's.
The g spot vibrator As much as possible. Jensen does have a crush on Jared, wants a relationship with him, and while Jared is willing to sleep with him, he's not willing to commit?
Full nude pussy pics Like, cut that shit out, because its starting to cross the line into mean-spirited. Of course straight guys compare their dick size.

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